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Mobility in Action!

FreeWheel - Use Cases

freewheel for geriatric useGeriatrics:

The FreeWheel can help prevent common health issues found with rigid-framed wheelchair users. These include shoulder, wrist, hand injuries or strains, and injuries that may ensue from falling out of a wheelchair. The FreeWheel also helps with users of a folding wheelchair with the addition of the FreeWheel adaptor. Not only does the FreeWheel greatly benefit the wheelchair user but it also helps caregivers. The FreeWheel allows caregivers to push and navigate their patient with more ease and precision.

Spinal Cord:

FreeWheel can help those in wheelchairs who have been in an accident damaging their spinal cord. Pat, the inventor of the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment, is a C6/7 incomplete quad. Pat was injured during a MX race when he fell off his bike and was hit in the head. Pat designed the FreeWheel to allow him for freedom, mobility, and independence.

Freewheel Wheelchair attachment for PediatricsPediatrics:

MFreeWheel Many pediatric wheelchairs have footrests that are higher than the 4 3Ž4” maximum required with a standard FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment. To make sure these children don’t miss out on the FreeWheel experience, we now have “Custom Frame FreeWheels” that work on footrests up to 9.5” from the ground to the top of the footrest. FreeWheel makes it easier for children to push their wheelchairs and lessen the stress on their bodies.


Decreased mobility and balance are some of the physical problems caused by MS. Studies of people living with MS have shown that exercise can help with fatigue and depression, improve strength, and result in increased participation in social activities. People living with MS that are also in a wheelchair greatly benefit from the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment. The FreeWheel increases mobility meaning more exercise and better overall physical and mental health.

Amputee FreeWheelAmputation:

The FreeWheel can greatly help amputees whether it is from disease or injuries due to an accident or in the case of Veterans armed conflict that are in wheelchairs. Many injured Veterans have found that the FreeWheel has greatly improved their quality of life.  FreeWheel is designed to prevent added stress to the wheelchair users body and lifestyle. The FreeWheel reduces strain to your body and it makes it easier to maneuver the wheelchair over all terrains.

Freewheel Wheelchair attachment for Spina BifidaSpina Bifida:

People with the most severe form of spina bifida often have spine issues that cause serious problems. They may have little or no feeling in their legs, feet, or arms. Those that are faced with these serious issues that are in wheelchairs or their caregiver can greatly benefit from the FreeWheel. The FreeWheel increases mobility and decreases stress on the body.

I love my FreeWheel. Went to the county park with my dog and was able to ride on all the dirt trails! I went over roots and gullies, rocks etc. had a ball…
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If you think you are one of those wheelies who is too cool for a FreeWheel cause you can wheelie over rough ground and up and down curbs, you are really missing out…
Quentin, New Zealand
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FreeWheel blew me away! My wife and I went on a few walks that we normally avoided due to my having to continual wheelies to get thru the gravel and uneven ground…
Patrick, Blaine, WA
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For all quote inquires please EMAIL the following information to brynne@epicalsolutions.com:

• Make and model of wheelchair
• Type of footplate
• Depth of footplate
• Measurement from the ground to the footplate in the front AND the back
• Picture of the actual footplate if possible