Custom Frames for FreeWheels

$649.00 (USD)

The Custom Frame FreeWheel provides the benefits of FreeWheel to pediatric wheelchairs.

Available in four different sizes. Each size has an adjustment range 1” up or down from the stated custom frame size

Sizes: 5 ½”, 6 ½”, 7 ½”, and 8 ½”.

If the footrest is elevated using RISERS, the Custom Frame FreeWheel will arrive with a “Modified D” which attaches to the leading edge of the footrest, to mimic the tubing that is normally under a footrest.

As with the Standard FreeWheel, Custom Frame FreeWheel will only fit on footrests that are either parallel with the ground or have a 12% degree downward slant.


Product Description

Many pediatric wheelchairs have footrests that are higher than the 4 ¾” maximum required with a standard FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment. To make sure these children don’t miss out on the FreeWheel experience, we now have “Custom Frame FreeWheel” that work on footrests up to 9.5” from the ground to the top of the footrest.

If there are any questions on how the Custom Frame FreeWheel will fit your or your clients chair, please provide the following information to your FreeWheel representative:

  1. Picture of the footrest (front and side)
  2. Height from the ground to the top of the footrest (front and back)
  3. Depth of the footrest (to determine angle)
  4. Wheelchair manufacturer and model/name


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

5 ½", 6 ½", 7 ½", 8 ½"

Adjustment Range

1" up and down on all four sizes