General Purpose Gripping Aids (AH1)

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Active Hands Gripping Aids


Most versatile gripping aid, the AH1 General Purpose Gripping Aid can be used for a wide range of activities, including DIY, gardening and sports. It is a real asset for lifting weights, holding a snooker cue and more!

Children hold onto handlebars of a tricycle with the Happy Hands General Purpose Mini Gripping Aid (AH1m).

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Product Description

The General Purpose gripping aid functions by tightening the strap in the upper section, gently pulls the hand into a fist shape. Aids are adjustable to hold items in the palm. The wrist strap is also adjustable and the gripping  aid is padded to reduce chafing. These gripping aids are even machine washable.

The AH1 gripping aids are available for right or left hand. Available in three sizes – Small, Standard, and Large. Use the Size Guide below for measurements.

active hands gripping aids measurementsSize Guide :

A = Circumference of narrowest part of wrist
B = Length from crease line (where hand joins wrist) to tip of the middle finger

A: Wrist
Small: 135 mm – 150 mm / 5.3″ – 5.9″
Standard: 145 mm – 185 mm / 5.7″ – 7.2″
Large: 180 mm – 220 mm / 7.1″ – 8.7″

B: Wrist to Middle Finger
Small: 135 mm – 175 mm / 5.3″ – 6.9″
Standard: 175 mm – 210 mm / 6.8″ – 8.3″
Large: 195 mm – 280 mm / 7.7″ – 11″

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Small – Left Hand, Small -Right Hand, Standard – Left Hand, Standard – Right Hand, Large- Left Hand, Large- Right Hand