Designed specifically for wheelchair users the Invictus Active Trainer is the ideal solution to improve your fitness, balance and technique. Suitable for everyone – from weight loss, building muscle strength through to improving balance and technique – also used by athletes for high intensity sport workouts and as a key training aid to increase speed around basketball court, across a tennis court or around a race track.


  • Improve your fitness, balance and pushing technique
  • Simulates ‘road-like’ pushing when maintaining a constant speed
  • Lose weight – burn 350 kcal with a 30 minute workout*
  • Easy to set-up – can use used anywhere inside or outside
  • Work each arm individually – four independent rollers
  • Ready to go – easy to wheel on and off and start exercising
  • Portable and lightweight – separates easily for transport and storage
  • Record your speed, distance and heart rate – Smart model
  • Wheelchair not included

Three Options:

  • Standard – complete trainer but does not record any data.
  • Smart – complete trainer with speed and distance sensor – connects to our app on your phone or tablet
  • Smart Plus – complete trainer with speed and distance sensor plus heart rate monitor plus phone stand.


Invictus Active Trainer Video