The Icon Traveler is a folding personal aisle chair that fits under an airplane seat. It allows the user independence and control over their airline travel experience.

  • At 14” wide and 16” long it weighs only 11 pounds and fits down all airplane aisles as well as into many airplane bathrooms.
  • The Icon Traveler can also come in handy when narrow hotel room bathroom doors won’t allow for a regular wheelchair to fit.
  • The Icon Traveler takes less than 30 seconds to unfold and the same to collapse it for storage.
  • The Icon Traveler is propelled by grabbing the armrest of the airplane seats or door frames of the airplane bathroom allowing the user to move independently and with no attendant needed.
  • Positive and supportive feedback has been collected from test flights throughout North America and Europe. The airport and airline staff encourages its use, marvel at its simplicity and remain helpful.


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