Pneumex is a global leader in providing innovative rehabilitation equipment and treatment protocols. Pnuemex is the original developer of the first unweighting system, and a recognized pioneer in the development and application of unweighting and vibration rehabilitation technologies. With over 30 years of experience in unweighting systems, we understand what is important to therapists and patients. Pneumex's systems have been sold and installed globally.


PneuTrac is Pneumex's solution to provide a cost-effective overhead unweighting track system that improves patient rehabilitation, staff safety, efficiency, and profitability. PneuTrac provides comparable or better performance, ease of use, uptime, and reliability at a fraction of the cost (other systems can cost $250K). PneuTrac is a game changer for therapists who traditionally do not have access to this type of system.



  • Abilities patients

  • Bariatric patients

  • Orthopedic patients

  • Strokes

  • Back problems

  • Gait training

  • Cardiovascular

  • Respiratory ailments

  • Neurological patients

  • Safety

  • Balance Training

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  • Dynamic body weight support that unloads a patient’s weight at a set level regardless of patient’s position.

  • No need to reset system after a fall.

  • Simple to use analog control panel allows precise unweighting from 0 to 300 lbs. in 1 lb. increments; The largest range of unweighting in the industry

  • 3” - 30" vertical oscillation — offering Balance and Exercise modes.

  • 360 degree rotation allows multi-planar exercise.

  • Flexible track configurations to allow better utility of your floor plan.

  • Fits into most existing ceiling tracks.

  • Designed to work with the patented Ultima Vest with adjustability for posture and gait (sold separately)

Pneumex MoonWalker™ Coming Soon

The MoonWalker™ is a multiplanar body weight support system featuring inverse (smart) gravity.


Pneumex has been creating the best-in-class harness/vests for many years. The patented Ultima Vest is revolutionary in the unweighting market, providing ultimate comfort and safety to the patients so they can focus on their recovery. It also requires no manual lifting on the part of therapists, increasing both patient and therapist safety, and allowing clinics to be in compliance with the upcoming no-lift regulations. This vest is designed to place the primary lift point at the posterior rib cage T12 to T10 and bring the primary anterior stabilization points medial to the brachial plexus. The net effect of this technology is a more comfortable, more secure vest that significantly opens up lung capacity. All vests are tested to 700 pounds.



  • Simple to use; single therapist, no manual lifting

  • Increased comfort and safety

  • Significantly opens up lung capacity

  • Support for full range of unweighted activities

  • Unisex design adjusts to fit all body types

  • Allows for normal diaphragm & rib interaction

  • Made in the USA



  • Extra Small - 22" to 28" (Lt Blue straps)

  • Small - 28" to 34" (Red straps)

  • Medium - 34" to 44" (Blue straps)

  • Large - 44" to 55" (Yellow straps)

  • Extra Large - 55" to 67" (Purple straps)


Unweighting System informational PDF