epical solutions physical therapists

According to the American Physical Therapist Association (APTA), their vision, “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience,” coincides exactly with what GoFreeWheel and Epical Solutions are striving to accomplish. Working to help promote the use of the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment, physical therapists can promote increased mobility and better overall physical health for wheelchair users through use of the solution.

Benefits extend further than those of the user of the FreeWheel; it also helps the caregiver, spouse, sibling, and friends assisting the wheelchair user. Pushing and navigating wheelchairs is made significantly easier with the FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment. Testimonials from caregivers around the world recount less wheelchair occupants being dumped from their chairs with the FreeWheel in use, and more caregivers expending less energy and worry as they assist their loved ones.