epical solutions occupational therapists

According to The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.’s website, Occupational therapy practitioners believe that “health is strongly influenced by [individuals] having choice and control in everyday occupations” (CAOT, 2002, p.31), and as such, occupation is a determinant of health. “Occupations are purposeful and meaningful daily activities that fill a person’s time” (AOTA, 2008). These can be activities that individuals need or want to do that relate to self-care, play or leisure, their work and/or home, and community-based tasks. Through participation in their daily occupations, individuals can positively influence their health (Wilcock, 2006).

Epical Solutions can help provide Occupational therapist with a tool to help maximize their patient’s ability to live a fuller life both in the occupational field and in leisure. The FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment increases mobility and overall physical health. With increased mobility and health, wheelchair users possibilities to engage in work and activities they enjoy are greatly increased