Health Benefits

child wheelchair with FreeWheel

A common health issue with rigid-framed wheelchair users is shoulder, wrist and hand injuries or strains. The FreeWheel™ dramatically reduces the incident of injuries as the longer wheel base, offered by the FreeWheel, reduces resistance and drag when rolling over broken sidewalks, curbs, carpet, gravel, dirt, grass, and snow.

Increased mobility means better overall physical health for the wheelchair user. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, or using an electric wheelchair, FreeWheel users improve their strength and endurance due to living an active lifestyle.

The FreeWheel is used by individuals to help them get from home to work, to their children’s soccer games, to being used in the push part of a triathlon. Instead of living a sedate, inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, they are out getting the exercise they need to maintain and improve their health.

Safety Benefits

The FreeWheel reduces the risk of injuries due to falls. All wheelchair users know how the small front casters can catch on even the smallest of obstacles, making it easy for the wheelchair to tip forward and the user to fall out.

Falling out of your chair is now less likely. Uneven sidewalks, curbs, gravel or dirt trails are no longer death-defying obstacles, but easily navigated and overcome.

Falling out of your chair is no longer an issue.

free wheel safety benefits

Usability and Independence

The FreeWheel was developed and tested by an engineer, who is a C6/7 quad. Even with the reduced hand, arm and torso strength he easily detaches the FreeWheel form the back of his chair and attaches it to his footrest.

For more than 4 years the FreeWheel has been the key to freedom and mobility around the world.