Worker’s Compensation or Accident Insurance

If you have been injured on the job or due to an accident that was not your fault, we have found worker’s compensation and accident insurance will pay 100% for the FreeWheel.

freewheel with carry-all rack insurance

Private Health Insurance

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The key is to have your primary care doctor, physical or occupational therapist “PRESCRIBE” the FreeWheel for it’s health benefits. This prescription, along with a STRONG “letter of medical necessity” will increase your changes. The letter should relate to your diagnosis (code) and in some cases referring to shoulder/elbow/wrist injury or strain may help. It is “prescribed” under “Miscellaneous Wheelchair Accessory”, medical code K0108. When the FreeWheel is purchased at the same time as your wheelchair there is a much greater chance of having it covered under private insurance.

In some instances you have to buy the FreeWheel and have your insurance carrier reimburse you.

There is no guarantee that private insurance will cover the purchase of the FreeWheel. There is a greater chance of coverage if you have a Medical or Flex Savings Account for your health insurance.