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About Joel Bancescue

“I have been blessed with endless opportunities to experience life. I have never had the feeling of being limited by anything. That changed three years ago when an early morning dive off a dock at a familiar beach brought limitations into my life.

I am a C4/5 incomplete spinal cord injury with quadriplegia. Being stripped of independence is tough for anyone to handle. I had always lived an active lifestyle; playing hockey, making snowboarding trips to the mountains, competitive rowing, and catching waves on a warm morning.

I have craved getting back to that lifestyle on some level. Or, just the ability to get outside and enjoy the outdoors again. Obstacles existed everywhere reducing my ability to get around in my wheelchair at all, let alone safely. Sidewalk cracks, bumps and small pebbles all weighed on my mind when venturing out. A wrong move or an unseen obstacle can and did quickly eject me from my chair.

The FreeWheel has eliminated all my fears of the outdoors! I currently reside in the city but spend time in a small town that is hilly and not at all wheelchair friendly. Although I need help to get around most of the time, FreeWheel has greatly reduced the effort needed to help me wheel or be pushed on gravel roads, grass, sand and local streets. I can get out solo or with friends/family without the worry of being ‘dumped’ out.

Piece of mind like this does not come easy or often enough!

I welcome my new world of FreeWheel-ability!”

Joel Bancescue, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada