I love my FreeWheel. Went to the county park with my dog and was able to ride on all the dirt trails! I went over roots and gullies, rocks etc. had a ball. I love it. In August I am taking the FreeWheel to the Renaissance Fair in upstate NY. My mom was never able to push me around at the fair because it had gravel paths. Can’t wait!
I took my sons to an air show in PA this weekend. A lot of people were asking about your product and I gave great reviews. It worked great on the grass and inclines of the airfield.

If you think you are one of those wheelies who is to cool for a FreeWheel cause you can wheelie over rough ground and up and down curbs, you are really missing out. Can’t believe this thing. I have found myself using it at least twice a day. Today was a “walk” by the lake with the family. Dog was towing me at 15-20kph hands off and tracking straight over rough gravel and grass. Very impressed. 
Quentin, New Zealand
This is the best thing I’ve spent money on in years! Straight out of the box, attached in 5 seconds and gone … I mean gone! Flying across the grass and out into the gravel alley. Flew through potholes, floated over branches, with no slowing down. AMAZING!
Shaun, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi Pat, got the Freewheel on Saturday. Blew me away! My wife and I went on a few walks that we normally avoided due to my having to continual wheelies to get thru the gravel and uneven ground. I flew over it like fine concrete. This is among the best innovations I’ve seen since being injured 37 years ago. It’s going to allow people get over surfaces in their manual chairs rather than having to buy a power chair or scooter to accomplish the same.
Patrick, Blaine, WA
I got a prototype FreeWheel for my son over 2 years ago. He goes everywhere with it; beach in the summer, parks, pits at the races, ski hills in the winter, snow filled and rutted parking lots at the university. Everywhere an active 19 year old would go. It works as good now as the first day we got it.
Joyce, Perth, Australia
After 26 years as a quad in a wheelchair, I don’t know how I did it without a FreeWheel.
Morgan, Boise, ID
It has drastically changed my life. I am able to run with my dog without any fear of flipping out of my wheelchair. It pretty much glides over any surface and just feels so stable. The FreeWheel is amazing!
Eddie, Winnetka, CA
Went to the beach with my FreeWheel and found it ran over soft sand with no problem. I’ve been wanting to get to the waters edge for years and the FreeWheel has let me accomplish that. It was a thrilling experience!
Clive, United Kingdom
I wish I’d had the FreeWheel since day one of my injury. Went to a BBQ and they have a huge hilly back yard with gravel pathways. Instead of sitting parked by a table I was free to move about the whole yard, play with the dog, chase after our toddler. Thanks Pat, I love this thing!
Brian, Port Townsend, WA